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Julija Zaharijević

Julija Zaharijević (1991) is a Vienna-Berlin based artist whose practice deals with the perpetual  circulation of images in our globalized society. She is interested in the origins of the images, their  values and symbolism—and how they change depending on context. Her practice draws influence  from history of art and painting, from popular culture, and from the social intricacies of Europe’s art  bubble. Zaharijević works in various media, such as sculpture, writing and painting. Her work has  been in solo exhibitions: Modern Painting, Bbberlin, Berlin (2022); solo presentation at  viennacontemporary with Eugster || Belgrade (2022); Oh no! The View, Georg Kargl PERMANENT,  Vienna (2021); Silver Lane, Alienze, Vienna (2021). Recent group exhibitions include: On the New  — Viennese Scenes and Beyond, Belvedere 21, Vienna (2023); Structure, Eugster || Belgrade  (2023), hyper (hyper), Callirrhoë, Athens (2022); SYSTEMA, with Pina, Marseille (2022); Burn The  Groves, Löwengasse, Cologne (2022); Jahresgaben 2022, Kevin Space, Vienna (2022), among  others.



2022 Modern Painting, BBBerlin, Berlin
2021 Oh no! The View, Georg Kargl Permanent, Vienna
2021 Silver Lane, Alienze, Vienna
2018 Bounce, Muhry, Hamburg



2023 Stranger Danger, Trotoar Gallery, Zagreb
2023 STRUCTURE: Julija Zaharijević and Tamara Grcić, Eugster || Belgrade
2023 LIST 2023, Basel
2023 About the New, Belvedere 21, Vienna
2022 Annual editions 2022, Kevin Space, Vienna
2022 The influence of space on the range of traffic, Rinde am Rhein, Dusseldorf
2022 Pina at Systema, Marseille
2022 hyper (hyper), Callirrhoë, Athens
2022 Make room in your mouth, curated by Olamiju Fajemisin, WAF Gallery, Vienna
2022 Burn The Groves, Löwengasse, Cologne
2021 The Leftovers—reading hosted by Angharad Williams & Gianmaria Andreetta, Kevin Space, Vienna
2020 Centric City with Wandl, symposium: We need more than one term for these big things, curated by Melanie Ohnemus, University Gallery of Applied Sciences im Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna
2020 Hard pressed, Magacin, Belgrade
2020 E++ Platin B., Vienna
2019 Hug of Death, curated by Josephine Strau, Zeller Van Almsick, Vienna – Nome d’us, curated by Sanna Helena Berger, Shore, Vienna
2019 Volcanoes, LIFE SPORT, Athens
2019 Finalists for D. B. Mangelos Award, Remont gallery, Belgrade
2019 Nome d’us, curated by Sanna Helena Berger, Shore, Vienna
2019 Mundane, curated by Natalija Paunić, Eugster || Belgrade, Belgrade
2018 Wechat Reading: Chatfight Rave, White Cube, Xian, China
2018 You’re a Giant, Voždovačka galerija, Belgrade
2017 Info, Real Positive, Cologne
2017 Reading at ferry tales, St. Johann ferry “Ueli”, curated by Natalie Portman collective, Basel
2016 SORRY publication release, Gärtnergase, Vienna
2016 BELONG ANYWHERE, Garret Grimoire, Vienna
2016 Emotional, Via Cesare Balbo 32, invited by Antonia Lia Orsi, Milan
2015 You’ve Seen Me Before I, Between Appropriation and Déjà-vu, part of Prosperous Poison. On the Feminist Appropriation of the Austrian Unconscious, mumok kino, Vienna
2015 Battle-ax & Julija Zaharijević, curated by_vienna – Brigitte Huck & Martin Guttmann, Galerie Charim, Vienna



2023 How to feel better, Helping Yourself 2020, Caribbean Residency
2022 Narcissism, book Burn The Groves, published by Löwengasse, Cologne
2021 Press release for aquadrome bubblepad by Julia Znoj, Unanimous Consent, Zurich
2020 Three Axes in NEWS Issue 0. As part of Forum: Bread and games, organized by Open Space, curated by Natalija Paunić. Launched at Swiss Church, London
2020 Press release for No, you are not wrong! Paintings untouchable by Laura Hinirchsmeyer, Galerie AAAA, Vienna Contemporary’s Zone 1
2020 Press release for Yours to Discover by Dan Vogt, Shore Gallery, Vienna
2020 Destiny, commissioned text for Alienze, Vienna/Lausanne
2019 One, Two, Three, Four, Bla, Bla, Bla, TTYL, zine, published by Eugster || Belgrade, Belgrade
2019 PW Magazine, Interview with Pia-Marie Remmers:
2018 Million Dinar Baby, co-published with Muhry, Hamburg
2016 SORRY, self-published with Writing Club, Vienna



2023 BMKOES Artist Residency Istanbul
2022 Recipient of Art Mentoring Program from Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2019 Participant of summer school School of Expressions, September, Ostrava, Czechia
2019 Shortlisted for D. B. Mangelos AwarD, Belgrade



2023 Art collection of the City of Vienna
2023 Artothek of the Austrian federal government at Belvedere 21



2016 Offspace Gärtnergasse, Vienna, 2016 – 2020